If you know me, you know I am a carnivore!  Lay that steak on the flame for a few seconds and I am ready to cut in with a sharp knife and a bottle of A-1 close by!

If it’s a table for one, it might as well be a table you like… #WheresTheBeef #Steak

Dinner & meal prep for the week… #WheresTheBeef

LOVE this time of year! #arizonalife #TheGreat48 #grillmaster 

Ribeye with garlic butter over sweet peppers seasoned in olive oil, soy sauce & garlic.

There is nothing like going out for a good meal.  Even better when you find a place that gets every single meal perfect!

Stumpy’s Pizza and Subs, best food in Phoenix!

Panroast at Talking Stick Resort


My idea of “social distancing” panroast @talkingstickresort Ocean Trail #AMAZING

Just can’t get enough!  

Still a LONG afternoon ahead. But @porcharcadia has a new menu & the creviche is AWESOMELong day. Lunch break @porcharcadia #PorchBurgerProteinStyle
Great workout with Mitch @urbangaragegym & now an AWESOME breakfast sandwich @porcharcadia



I love to cook!  Especially experimenting with new things to put together.  

Quarantine party of 1… Baked pork tenderloin & fresh salad. Trying to stay healthy. Here’s to the days we can all meet again!

Now this is a great looking sandwich!At home watching @nfl playoffs. #sammich

Made my lasagna. This is how I roll when eat carbs…

This is the kind of @redmountainweightloss approved meals you will eat on their programs.

Weekend started with the gym and a great omelette. 

Ends with pork chops for the week on the Grillmaster!  No applesauce needed for these babies! Done to perfection.  I have much to thank God for.  Looking forward to the work week.  LOTS to talk about!